We would welcome the opportunity to discuss what we can offer for your classic car auctions.

               Show Boards - Banners For Your Auction Cars

Let us make custom show boards and retractable banners for your auction cars.

By working with Promoz, you can offer this great marketing tool to each of your

sellers as part of their consignment deal with your upcoming auctions. We are

already making boards for many of the auction companies' consignors, so this

would be a perfect fit for all your consignors.

You could make the boards as part of the consignment agreement (included in

the fee) so that ALL consigned cars have a board displayed at the auction (which

your company would profit as well) - or you could offer each consignor a board to

be made for a fee for when they consign a car with you. Another great option would

be to showcase your "Feature Cars" with large retractable banners.

Auction companies are starting to offer this great marketing tool for all consignors

so that all cars have the same "set-up" display feel. Each car at your auction would

have the same style board so that your display of auction cars is professional and

consistent.  We can offer boards in different sizes - however the 24 x 36 is the most

popular size.  Your business will be given a set price for a set quantity of boards per

event - but you could charge your consignors the price that you would like.



                                             Another great option would be to showcase your "Feature Cars"   

                                with large retractable banners.

                                             Per event - the boards would be delivered and we would be responsible for

                                                              setting up the boards with each car once the cars are set up/checked in at

                                                              your site.  We would place the boards with each car - each board would have

                                                              the run number and your company's logo.


Banner - Posters - Signs For Your Event

Let us create eye-catching displays for your event. 

Make your event noticeable and been seen!

  • Banners to hang from ceiling or backdrops.
  • Retractable banners can be set-up throughout your arena and venue.
  • Run lists and programs
  • Brochures and catalogs

Consignors - Buyers For your Auction

We can assist in getting you consignors and buyers for your sale!
Let us use our list of contacts and our collector car auction background to get sellers and buyers at your next event. 

Hire us for your Collector Car Auctions - Duties include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Weekly/Monthly Attend Collector Car Auctions year-round to promote your upcoming Auctions. 
  • Create and maintain contact list/database for emails and mailings for Collector Car Auctions.
  • Create file/artwork and distribute daily/weekly email blasts of upcoming sales and registration.
  • Maintain public relations with the local market opportunities.
  • Phone calls and visits to buyers and consignors.
  • Create advertising for print media, television, and mailings, brochures, etc. for your sale.
  • Collector Car Auction Key contact person for event
  • Public Relations/Hospitality - Coordinate and manage Buyer/Sellers - Travel, Hotels, Etc.
  • Serve as contact with media and coordinate with Collector Car Auction location personnel on numerous fronts, including public relations, promotions, schedule, marketing, set-up, food, etc.
  • Design All marketing for event – Design/Create ads, Flyers, Mailings, etc.
  • Daily/Weekly email blasts with feature cars(s)
  • Schedule marketing/create/design ads for: Hemmings, Newspaper, Cars On Line, etc.
  • Handle food/drinks – menu -price for auction consignors/buyers

Contact us to discuss this great opportunity to add to your auction and offer to your consignors.